How to pick the best anti aging skin care cream

Presently, there are several anti-aging skin care creams available in market. However, the range in the skin care products available makes it much more difficult to decide which one has the best results. By using following tips, you can get the right cream for your skin.

Before looking for an anti-aging skin care cream, you should do a little study to find out the causes of your skin aging. Then you can select an anti-aging skin care cream that can successfully stop these causes. The biggest cause of your skin aging is diminishing of collagen and elastin levels over time. They are the two mainly vital structural proteins in your body, and are liable for maintaining firmness, elasticity, and tone of your skin. But around the age of thirties, production of collagen and elastin starts declining, and as a result wrinkles, fine lines, and other aging signs are appeared.

Now you have to look for a substance in an anti-aging skin cream that can excite the natural production of collagen and elastin within your body. It’s the straightforward way to enhance your collagen and elastin for the extended period of time.

Nowadays the Internet is really the best place to find any thing. Internet provides you a better option of discovering an eminence skin care cream. You can actually learn about ingredients the specific cream contains and the reasons to include those ingredients in cream.

By going online for anti-aging skin care cream you can save yourself for going to your neighbouring pharmacy, which has a bunch of cheap skin care products that either don’t work, have short-term results, or may contain chemicals and toxins that can damage your skin. Its fact, that a number of finest anti-aging creams are accessible from other countries. But they are just a click away with the use of internet.

It’s my personal experience that anti aging skin care creams which contain CynergyTK are the best. This compound raises the amount of collagen and elastin in body and keeps observable aging sings absent. Your skin will be much brighter, moisturized and tone is much smoother. And keep in mind to not worry about price.

Bargaining is great, but you really need to spend money recklessly to get effective anti aging skin care cream. Cheap anti aging skin care creams can never continue your skin young-looking, due to minute amount of the vital elements in them.

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Having Pimple Free Skin with 6 Easy Steps

Today, we get to see attractive faces all around us and there may be times where we find ourselves thinking that we want to look like them, and if we look carefully we will see that there attraction comes from their pimple free skin that is absolutely flawless.

We usually call people with flawless skin lucky and naturally blessed but the truth is that these people even often have a strong routine that they follow to keep their skin looking flawless and glowing.

There are various types of people in this world who try their very best to obtain beautiful skin and give up by saying that this is impossible. But the truth is that nothing is impossible. We can also have a beautiful skin by following a simple skin care routine.

You must be thinking that using expensive product on your skin can actually make it happen but no, this is not true. Your skin needs a little time and attention from you. Caring for your skin even for a month you will see mind blowing effects. Now get in on the list of those people who we consider to be lucky. Here are few tips to get you there:

  1. Don’t be lazy and was your face with a gentle face wash at least twice a day. Do not, at any cost, forget about washing your face after working out and before going to bed.
  2. Make sure that your pillows are clean. Wash them frequently and be sure to wash them properly.
  3. You must have heard this at least more than a million times…drink as much water as you can for a good skin. So, drink it.
  4. Your diet should be perfect. Eat fresh vegetables and fruits. Avoid eating oily and spicy food. Go for diet that is full of vitamins and minerals. Eat green vegetables and juicy fruits for a glowing pimple free skin.
  5. Having proper sleep is very important. So, whenever you think that you are tired and should go to sleep then go for it even if it mean relaxing for half an hour.
  6. Pamper you skin as much as you can. Treat it like a baby. Avoid touching your skin for no reason. Don’t touch the pimples let them be just the way they are. Use a sunscreen when going out in sun and keep your skin lightly moisturized when at home or indoors.

Try all these tips and you will notice a big change very soon. Then people will count you in the list of those naturally beautiful or blessed people. You never know, you could very well be on the top of that huge list. Also pass these tips to other people so that we can see glowing and flawless faces every where we go.

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Natural Ways to Get Rid of Dry Skin and Dandruff

There are a lot of people who are coping with problems like dry skin and dandruff. They spend lots of money on different products available in the market but all they get to see in the end is a situation that is far worse than before. People who have these two types of problems should pay attention to their food intake and of course, look into buying some herbal and natural products for both skin and hair.

The best treatment to be used to obtain better looking skin and hair can be achieves through your diet, herbal and naturals massages, and religious or holy ways also known as Ayurvedic. Ayurvedic categorizes every person according to their body type and metabolic system. Ayurvedic is known as Dosha. A Dosha could be made from air, water or fire. You can have health problem when any of your three dosha’s are not in balance. These three Dosha’s are Vata, Pitta and Kapha.

In holistic concepts, people who are without a balanced Vata usually have the problem of dry skin and dandruff. So, there are many herbal oils and creams that can help to get a balanced Vata and in this way you can get rid of dandruff and dry skin. In this situation it is highly suggested to use sweet almond oil for massaging your dry skin and hair. Those people who have Pitta Dosha must use coconut oil and those of Kapha Dosha should try olive oil. You can easily find these products in supermarkets or normal grocery stores. Warm oil is a lot better and effective than normal cold oil so you can warm the oil before massaging for better results.

Our outer skin and body depends on the state of our inner body and skin. If we have a healthy inner body then we sure have a healthy outer body also. Diet plays the most important role to maintain our skin and hair properly. We must know that following natural tips can be quite helpful in order to get rid of dandruff and dry skin.

  1. Avoid using those things in your diet that contain sugar and alcohol. Mostly those people who eat lots and sweets and drink alcohol face the problem of dry skin and dandruff.
  2. Make sure that your food contains key vitamins like Vitamin E, B-Vitamin and proteins. Eat green vegetables and juicy fruits and include eat eggs, fish and bananas in your daily food intake. If you want healthy skin and dandruff free hair, then these things are a must have.
  3. Using something natural on your hair is actually very effective so try to use tea tree oil shampoo for your hair. This shampoo surely works for people who are facing a dandruff problem.

If you follow the above tips on a regular basis then you sure are going to have dandruff free hair and beautiful glowing skin. Just make use of the natural kinds of food that you have stored in your home and see how they work for you.

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The Top 3 Secrets to Anti-Aging

A multi-million dollar industry in our society today deals with anti-aging, looking younger, feeling younger, and staying young – but there is very good reason behind it. We live in a generation that is ever-aging and is one of the biggest generations so far, so it is only natural that most of the earth’s population does not want to grow old. Because of this, a lot of anti-aging products have taken the market by storm. And because of this, it is important not to fall for unnecessary products that are available in the market designed to play with the emotions of the people who wish to look younger.

Here are the top secrets to anti-aging that you will never hear from anyone else:

Secret #1: Eat.
Yes, eat. Feed your body with food and you will find it much easier to stay young. With that said, it is important to only eat food that is healthy. Filling your body with junk is a surefire way to help further the aging process, but so is not eating at all. Skip means and you will grow older faster. The body knows what it needs, so listen to it and eat.

Secret Tip #2: Move.
You will not get any younger by sitting on the couch and watching television. Get up and move. Find a couple of activities that you enjoy doing, like walking, running, riding a biking, weight training, getting on a pogo stick… whatever floats your boat. By constantly moving, your body will perpetually stay young and since you will be stretching your muscles, you will be kept limber at the same time.

Secret Tip #3: Have Fun.

Secret Tip #2 mentions finding activities that you enjoy doing. That is probably the main point and the ultimate secret of this whole article: finding out what you enjoy and have fun. But remember to do this in a healthy way. Granted, you may enjoy drinking alcohol, but that clearly won’t help you stay young, will it? In fact, if you are quite old already and are a heavy drinker, then you may not even enjoy your age anymore. The main key of anti-aging is to treat you body right but to remember to have fun while doing so.

Enjoy life. Stay young in all aspects of life – emotionally, mentally, and physically – and you will be able to see a kind of anti-aging process that you are sure to be satisfied with and happy about. This will also give you the momentum and motivation you need to keep living the lifestyle of anti-aging.

How to produce Elastin to look younger

It’s possible to restore collagen and elastin fibres to look young with the help of creams when they are topically applied to the facial skin.

Collagen and elastin fibres are situated beneath the external five layers of the epidermis; they are located in the dermis layer, between the subcutaneous tissue and the basal layer of the epidermis. So, apparently, if a cream not capable to penetrate up to that level, then restoring of collagen and elastin fibres is not possible.

Sorrowfully, the elastin and collagen proteins are not able to be addicted to the skin. The solution we have is to stimulate the production of new cells and hence to increase the total of pro-collagen and pro-elastin molecules that are formed by these cells. This can be accomplished by good diet. Your diet arranges a difference, since to create cells and fibres of the body needs amino acids, from protein.
Vitamin C is needed as a co-factor to create collagen. For skin’s health, vitamins A and E are required, and also the minerals like potassium, calcium and sodium are required. The Vitamin B-complex is also imperative.

When you are exposed to ultraviolet rays from the sun, your levels of Coenzyme Q10 are decreased. The elements of Coenzyme Q10 act as an antioxidant that is here in every one cell of the body. And in most cases COQ10 creams can not penetrate in skin. However some creams are prepared using nanotechnology for restoring the elastin, and contains a COQ10 emulsion having penetrating capacity. The molecules of coenzyme Q10 are too large and only the Nanotechnology enables scientists to “shrink” them, so that they can pierce down into the dermis layer.

Free radicals damage and break elastin and collagen fibres. So to neutralize free radicals nano-emulsions of CoQ10 are used.

Now you are aware that elastin cannot be absorbed in skin, so you will avoid collagen-elastin creams. NanoLipoBelle HEQ10 is good one to use. NanoLipoBelle HEQ10 is the proprietary name of a nano-emulsion that contains COQ10 and vitamin E.

Wakame kelp extracts are best for skin care. Except vitamin C, they have all the vitamins and minerals advised in above discussion. A night cream which contains avocado oil can supply that nutritious substance, plus necessary fatty acids. All of the creams that you would like to use should contain Synergy TK to restore elastin. It has the tendency to enhance the production of new cells.

Elegant and Sensible Way to avoid extrinsic aging

Normally from the age of mid twenties, this is the time in an individual’s life when Intrinsic aging takes place. It is a continuous process of getting older. From this age, our brain, and body starts to become aged. And the result of this process is predominantly noticeable on our skin, which is the largest limb of our body. No need to fear about the changes due to intrinsic aging. Usually external signs of intrinsic aging are not observable for decades.

Here are some of initial signs of intrinsic aging process.
• Skin becomes dry and may cause an itchy feeling.
• You fail to adequately cool the skin.
• Colour of hair may change and hair loss starts.
• Loss of fat in body, which may lead to hollowed cheeks and eye sockets.
• Small wrinkles on skin are appeared.
• Bones may shrink away from the skin, which causes flabby skin.

Our genes are responsible for how rapidly or leisurely the aging process begins. In some people hairs become grey in their twenties, others may not show until their 40s.

At the age of thirties skin cell reproduction begins to slow down. The normal creation of collagen and elastin becomes slow. As a result lines and wrinkles are appeared.

Intrinsic aging from the age of mid twenties is a normal phenomenon. However, if some one feels the signs of aging skin excessively before time in life and want to do somewhat about the untimely aging of his skin, then he may have to take extra care. You may be facing extrinsic aging problem. It happens due to wrong lifestyle. Excessive exposure to sunlight, alcohol and smoking, being stressed out, less sleep and the incorrect diet are the basic reasons.

Pollution free environment, healthy lifestyles and healthy foods can stay free radicals within our bodies at likely levels but unluckily that is far from realism. Free radicals are complex chemical processes that affect various systems of body and support mechanisms to keep our skin looking healthy and glowing.
Our skin restrains a number of antioxidants for scavenging the free radicals. If we add any unevenness to antioxidants, we only encourage the rouge elements that will increase aging process. The natural aging process is in fact extremely fine and requests no aid from us.

A good life style is necessary to avoid extrinsic aging. If you have wrong life style, then creams can’t help.

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Build up natural collagen for your skin

In this era, new techniques are constantly being introduced in products to enhance the production of the collagen substance in your skin in order to remove wrinkles. This new technology is advertised and spoken within many forums on the internet. Any person who is facing a wrinkle problem can reduce or even remove them just by taking skin injections of collagen. This technique is medically known as collagen replacement therapy.

A major fact about this therapy which is never mentioned by the advertizers is that you will have to revisit the hospital in every 6 to 9 months for the collagen replacement therapy. This treatment is a recurring process and its cost may increase from your budget.

Nowadays, there is an alternative new natural collagen skin cream treatment available. This will take longer than injection, but you do not necessarily have to take time out to visit the hospital again and again. All you have to do is ensure that the cream is applied once or twice a day Overall, this method is less expensive, and won’t hurt.

There also some substances available for natural collagen building of your skin. You may have never heard about Cynegy TKTM from New Zealand. Another substance which is known as functional keratinTM which is also patented is found in it. This trivial appearance of keratin is biologically obtainable to the body, and in soluble outline has the capacity to permeate intensely through your skin to motivate your individual two vital proteins collagen and elastin production system to develop again. And as a result of increase in production of these two, basic formation of your skin is enhanced and your skin is more elastic, wrinkles and fine lines are reduced or even removed.

Another well known substance which is used for this is CoEnzymeQ10, it is also provided in a special Nano-Lipobelle H-EQ10. The nano-emulsion form of CoEnzymeQ10 can deeply penetrate in your skin and revitalize your skin system to produce the collagen again.

There is also another substance which is named as Phytessence Wakame, it also can affect hyaluronic acid of you skin. The enzyme hyaluronidase can depolymerise the hyaluronic acid and restore collagen and elastin fibres of your skin.

Above discussion has proved that these new special substances will help your skin to produce more natural collagen and elastin fibres. With regular use of these new generation anti-wrinkle skin creams and injections you can reduce or even remove fine lines and wrinkles of your skin.

The best aging skin treatment for you has been invented

When you have the knowledge about the ingredients which are necessary for an anti aging skin cream, you may find it difficult in finding effective ways to make your skin even healthier. This is, to some extent, a key factor that which causes many individuals to run away from caring for their skin.
Different products are available at shopping centres when you are shopping for cosmetics, and all those are claiming that they are the best treatments for your aging skin. You know well that out of these products, how many actually made a long-lasting difference?

The majority of the companies that produce the skin care goods realize how to contain healthy aging skin? But due to some reasons, their products don’t reflect that realization. And mostly aging skin treatment creams even don’t come close to the quality of their written ingredients. Actually, in place of the written ingredients, those products are filled with chemical ingredients that could not do anything positive for your skin other than damaging it.

Nowadays it is not a secret how to have healthy aging skin. Underlying causes of aging skin are commonly known from many years. Then why almost all cosmetics companies with all of their fiscal funds are frequently failing to give a complete skin care product? The answer of this question is offered by a New Zealand based company.

Good news for you is that, a natural nutritional supplement company that is based in New Zealand is developing the best treatments for your aging skin. A few years back they decided to provide their skill for solving the mystery of repairing aging skin, and they’ve succeeded.

Their R&D team gathered the knowledge to have healthy aging skin and included all natural ingredients in their product that will factually overturn the aging process, and making your look younger for years.
There treatment for aging skin will basically perform following three functions.

• It will arouse the tarrying production of collagen and elastin,
• The level of hyaluronic acid in your skin will be increased.
• It will eliminate oxidizing free radicals from your skin to fix the damages.

Truthfully this team from New Zealand has done what was needed to “cure” your skin. There is no more need to try any other product to find the solution for your aging skin. Because the innovative works of this company have presented the right answer before you.

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Four Things to Consider When Choosing Face Moisturizer

Before actually buying a perfect moisturizer for your skin, you must know a few simple truths about moisturizers overall, and your type of skin. You will find the following tips easy to understand and very useful when selecting the right product for your face.

Initially, we should be aware that our facial skin is very sensitive, and in order to avoid any kind of skin problems, we must ensure that the skin products we utilize do not contain any trace of alcohol, mineral oil or Parabens. A product may boast about being healthy for the skin, however, if it contains these particular chemicals, it will not help our skin but instead, may cause impairments. Any possible side affects that result from using certain products, is not often stated by some companies that produce them. Therefore, this important information may not be visible on the back of the product box. As a result, these products can be quite harmful for our skin so it is better to avoid them altogether.

The second important thing is that we all have different skin types. Some people have oily skin while some have dry skin. So, it is better to choose face moisturizers that are made for our specific skin type. For example, if we have dry skin we should go for only those moisturizers that are made for dry skin. If we use oily skin moisturizers, our skin problem will only become worse. If we go in the market we will find different types of moisturizers. Some are made for dry skin, some for oily skin and some for normal skin. We should use them according to our skin type and observe the results.

Thirdly, moisturizers which are made from natural ingredients like fruit extracts, plant extracts, Vitamin E, Keratin, Cocoa butter and Aloe Vera are the best products to make use of for our skin. These natural ingredients not only keep your skin naturally moisturized but also fight the affects of skin aging.

Another important factor in picking a moisturizer relates to how well informed you are and must be when it comes to selecting the best one for you. Be sure to undertake some research and find out information skin care products especially your face moisturizer. Our face is the most sensitive part of our body so we should know what is and what isn’t good for it.

In order to obtain useful information, try browsing through different websites that cover details about face moisturizers and skin care. Additionally, you can also read up on other people’s reviews about different skin care products online.

We must know that applying creams and different products is not the only way to have good quality skin; it actually depends on our diet. If you can maintain a good diet and eat healthy food, there is no doubt that this will lead to smooth and flawless looking skin. Fruits and vegetables should be a part of your diet; you should also have good sleeping habits and drink loads of water.

In short, we can say that natural ingredients and products are the key to natural beauty. We should only use those products that are for our skin type. If we want our skin to be flawless and naturally healthy we must avoid using products that contain chemicals. Having enough sleep and good diet are a must have for those who like it naturally beautiful. All these things are quite effective and once you follow these steps, you are surely going to fall in love with your skin.

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Inexpensive Home Remedies to Alleviate the Sunburn

Sunburn does not take more than 5 to 10 minutes to happen on a hot and sunny day. Due to our carelessness, we usually end up damaging our skin and it takes more than 5 to 10 days to heal. In some cases, it could be more than 10 days before there is complete restoration. Throughout this time, we often experience pain and discomfort very frequently and without a doubt, the healing period is quite painful.

If the sunburn you experience is severe, then your best bet is to consult the doctor as soon as you possibly can. But if the sunburn is not very severe then it is better to take care of it at home without spending money on creams and medicines. Let’s have a look at 5 simple home therapies to get rid of sunburn discomfort and marks.

Firstly, there is nothing better to have a cool bath in such a situation. Avoid having a bath that is too cool or near enough cold as this won’t be very soothing for the skin. You will find that cool water will drain out the heat from your skin and you can also add the following things in your bath to make it even more soothing:

  1. Add a few drops of jasmine or lavender oil in the cool water as it will be very soothing and help remove the marks in less time.
  2. Add some baking soda or oatmeal – You can put anyone of these things in warm water and wash yourself with a soft cloth. In the case of face sunburn, you should use an extra soft piece of cloth or you simply just splash some water on your face directly.
  3. Why not try pouring a few drops of white vinegar into the water. This will definitely help to soothe the effected areas.

Secondly, you can try using alcohol on your sun burnt skin as this helps to get rid of discomfort and marks quite quickly.

Thirdly, we can say that vinegar has all the magical powers to get relief from any discomfort that is encountered. Just soak a cloth in distilled vinegar and use it on the affected area. This sure is very effective and it is also very harmless.

Fourthly, egg whites are a very useful tool that will draw heat from the affected area. So, just separate the egg whites from the yolks and try using them on the burnt area. You will then start to feel comfortable within a few hours.

Last but not the least; make use of any potatoes you have lying around the house. Try to make a potato paste and rub it on the burnt skin. Then let the mixture dry on the skin and after a while just simply wash it off. This sure is the best and simplest way to get rid of pain and scars from sunburn.

Warning: Before carrying out any kind of home remedy on the affected area, examine just how severe the sunburn is. If it is quite severe, seek medical help. Try to be careful when you are out in sun especially before going for any medical treatment.

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Worldwide NLP Expert Explains How Doctors Kill Their Patients

Okay, I’m not sure that you truly understand what I mean by “doctors killing their patients”. Of course I’m not suggesting this in some kind of illegal way. But what I’m about to say is probably going to have to come to public eye someday.

I recently came to the point where some people fairly close to me have come down with cancer of some sort or other. Using NLP to treat cancer is something that Robert Dilts wrote about a long time ago in his book, Beliefs and the Pathways To Health And Well-Being together with Tim Hallbom and Suzi Smith.

I’ve always believed that the human body has the capability to heal itself, but some people don’t know that whatever a doctor says to a patient is often taken as absolute truth. I don’t know about you, but when a doctor says you will die from cancer, it will be difficult to challenge that. The medical institution is well respected. Now, whatever a doctor says to be true, usually ends up being quoted as fact.

Truth is this: how do you know or predict the dynamic changes of your body in order to determine whether something will or will not happen? Take influenza for instance. How many times have doctors prescribed you a drug that either didn’t work or made you feel worse? If a simple virus like influenza is so difficult to prescribe a drug for, what about cancer?

Here are my thoughts about a doctor’s diagnosis.

#1 – The Placebo Effect. Taken from someone of authority, changes to a person’s belief system can happen instantly. A doctor holds the power to influence how the placebo effect is weight for or against a patient. In other words, if you are a doctor, you should choose wisely the words and phrases that you use.

I’ve known instances where people on the verge of death are TOLD by the doctor “You are going to DIE.” Not quite the kind of tact expected from a professional. Anyhow, when someone who is more qualified than you says you are going to die, I suppose most people who do not know NLP will keel over. If you are aware of the priming effect of language, you will know that people who say this don’t really know what they are talking about. There are always ways to predict otherwise.

#2 – Medical science is a science of probability, not absolutes.

Medical science tends to be deductive in nature. Find multiple symptoms and isolate them, run a few tests to see the presence of or absence of a particular disease or illness. Fine and dandy. But we all know that there are many diseases that share symptoms. This means multiple tests. This also means that unless you can effectively diagnose ALL possibilities at a go, you will end up playing a game of probability.

It’s like gambling. Doctors want to skew the game to their end, so they have many different elements. Sometimes, they predict it correctly, because their game got skewed in a probability of 70 – 30. Yet, doctors can be wrong.

#3 – Doctors are not as well trained in communication as they ought to.

The language processes in NLP is based on effective psychotherapy. Alternative methods of healing and treatment of cancer have become more widespread and better accepted. Why? It’s probably because somewhere down the line, people who experienced cancer realized that they had to make a last ditch attempt to prove their doctors wrong. And boy are they often proven wrong.

Cancer is often treated with chemotherapy. But more and more evidence is showing us that cancer is a symptom. If your lightbulb doesn’t light up, you don’t just tear up the entire house just to make sure you deal with the problem. Unfortunately, chemotherapy is much like that. Radiation kills both good and bad cells alike.

However, when you reframe cancer, it’s nothing more than a symptom asking you to pay attention. If you know how to pay attention effectively and listen to your body’s “speech”, you ought to be able to understand what your body really needs.

Yet, this sounds weird and unconventional. The fact that you block out these possibilities for healing leave you with the most invasive and damaging therapies you could ever face. If you open your mind to the possibility that cancer is not just medical. It is a psychological thing.

We experience body metaphors in day-to-day life.
– I can’t stomach it.
– It’s such an eye sore.
– He’s a pain in the neck.
– I’ve got my back against the wall.

Guess what they translate into? Psychosomatic symptoms!

The symptoms and the figurative language interpreted in literal form makes what Sigmund Freud said a very interesting new light. Our unconscious (subconscious) mind is capable of doing a LOT more than we give it credit for. Our unconscious picks up information without remembering consciously. This means that if you are talking to someone and saying “don’t worry”, or “that’s a pretty aggressive cancer”, you are putting pictures inside people’s heads.

The Solution

My opinion is that people need to know how to talk to their body and communicate with it well. Your body knows what it moves away from. We are cells – an amoeba knows what is toxic and what is food simply by the way it moves. If we trust our collection of cells in our body, we will know what to do with our food and eat what our body needs. The trouble is most people think it is nothing more than psychobabble or some new age treatment or fad.

Our BELIEFS determine the way we interpret our environment.

We need to build for ourselves a mental environment surrounded by wonderful beliefs. These beliefs then help us to FIND the appropriate solution that leads to health and well-being.

A patient who believes 100% of what the doctor says will have to often undergo very aggressive therapy. A patient who seeks alternative treatment may find solutions that treat the disease at the root cause.

Disease. “dis” ease?

A lot of the time, there are interesting illustrations to show how people who are troubled or have had a troubled past tend to develop cancer. In one instance, there was a woman who had been holding a secret for a long time, and she began to develop breast cancer. The chest is often where we point to or gesture to when we want to ‘keep’ something a secret. Another case is a very quiet man who was working many hours to feed his family. He had a lot of misgivings about the last job he had when he was “terminated” from his job. It manifested as stomach cancer.

Another stomach cancer case occurred when a young woman, after an 8 year relationship with her boyfriend, kept “stomaching” the violent temper tantrums he was throwing at her. When he realized she had developed cancer, he immediately became less violent. Strange, how the process of reward and punishment happens unconsciously. She passed on after he apologized for being a bad partner to her.

While I’m citing this from personal experience, I think it makes a lot of sense. As for the ultimate ‘cure’ for cancer, I think it’s expressing emotion. If you don’t bottle things up inside, it makes it easier for you to express yourself and release stress and frustration. You also need to know how to release it.

I’d recommend using the parts integration approach or ideo-motor signaling to get the unconscious to support the change required. At the same time, the purpose for living needs to be reinforced through an alignment process.

My biggest recommendation is this: a health practitioner will be able to help in early stages of cancer through chemotherapy. But in final stages where they say “you’re too late” or “I can’t do anything”, it’s the type of training they have received. At the end, any cancer patient needs to know how to build a better them. Only by increasing your capacity to love, understand and communicate with yourself will you have a chance of survival.

Is this the silver bullet? Well, some people have the resilience to live. Others have died long before the cancer killed them. Whichever the case, people have ultimate choice. If you know of someone who is in need of such treatment, get all the help you can.

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Neuro Linguistic Programming: The Art Of The Master

A lot of neuro linguistic programming practitioners have learnt NLP so very technically. It’s not necessarily good or bad, and I think the most important part of being someone who practices NLP is that you walk your talk. Neuro linguistic programming has had a bad reputation in the past simply because people who used it did not really generate results with it.

In reality, neuro linguistic programming is not new. People who are masterful at what they do are practicing NLP without knowing it. Remember – NLP is not what exists alone. It is about modeling, and developing core skills for success.

Look at anyone who is masterful at what they do, and they are likely to have a set of beliefs that keep them masterful. If you look at their stratgies and model after them, you will be quite amazed to realize that there are many things they do in their head that keep them at the level of success that they deserve.

What exactly can you do to model mastery?

Here are three quick tips:

1. Learn how to perceive at different levels from different positions.

This entails looking at Robert Dilts’ neuro logical level process and also the different perceptual positions (first position, second position and third position). Being aware of how you go in and out of these levels helps us to clarify how to use it for modeling.

2. Learn how to use the Meta model and the principles behind the Milton Model to understand someone’s mental model of the world.

If you are not familiar with the Meta or Milton Model, there is a book called The Structure Of Magic and The Patterns Of The Hypnotic Techniques Of Milton Erickson, written by Richard Bandler and John Grinder. You can pick up some input there. Or, you can join us when we run our training programs. Use the language models to gain access to a persons mental model of the world.

3. Test, test, test!

Go out there and test to see what happens. You need this to get a more robust and flexible model of the world, with multiple routes toward success. The more routes you can create, the more likely you will be successful!

Once you’ve learnt this approach, keep refining it. I also would recommend you joining in for our modeling classes once they launch, and develop your capabilities in modeling and defining new effective models for your life.

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NLP and Mental Health In Singapore

Mental Health: Do you really think you are doing your clients a favor?

Mental health in Singapore has taken the limelight in recent weeks. If you are a psychiatrist or psychologist, you might think that what you are learning has created massive change in patients. Unfortunately, it might very well be the case that what you once thought to have been helpful for your patient is actually harming them even further.

Here are three major issues I see in the mental health scene in Singapore.

Issue 1: Mental health professionals believe that what they learnt in the past is the be-all and end-all of mental health treatment.

This is odd to see because the vastness of the research available tells us very little about the brain, our biological makeup and reactions to the external environment. In other words, shouldn’t we also be looking at our patients instead of relying on past records alone and risk making our clients fall for a textbook formula rather than a customized intervention.

Issue 2: Mental health professionals become skeptical about alternative mental health methods.

I’ve been practicing NLP for around 14 years and have been formally trained for longer than any other mental health practitioner in Singapore. I happen to be trained in counseling as well as psychology, and my personal view is that if anyone who simply relies on traditional training
in psychology or counseling will be missing out a lot. I’ve only seen ONE psychiatrist in my whole life in NLP who is trained in NLP at a basic level, and that’s Dr. Joseph Leung from IMH.

Worse, if you are skeptical about NLP you are going to be in the danger zone of throwing out the baby with the bath water.

Issue 3: No actual cases and proof to “medical” subjects

In the USA and UK, many psychiatrists (but still not enough?) have long realized the power of NLP and adopted it as an additional weapon in their quest to help their clients heal faster. But the mindset in traditional psychiatry is that people want to have statistical results. Personally, I think that statistical results are expensive and waste a lot more time than just doing individual case studies. By the time you are done with multiple case studies, your meta analysis of these situations will show a distinct pattern of result anyway.

Is NLP the only mode of intervention? Well, here’s where I put the shocker: NLP is NOT a mode of intervention. NLP is actually the toolkit that helps you to identify the appropriate intervention.

Unlike cognitive therapy or behavioral therapy, nlp therapy models that work. More importantly, NLP helps you study patterns of communication in an individual with problems. These patterns of communication reveal certain things about their beliefs, their values, their mental modalities and more. Many of these have been troublesome to study and learn because few professionals in the field have actually studied the linguistics behind communication. I’ve studied applied linguistics and continue to be fascinated by the field. I believe that the future of mental health is in the communicative sciences rather than just the brain sciences. Why? Simply because someone who is in a particular state and needs change will require some persuasion. And if you can’t do it from your authority as a psychiatrist or psychologist, then you have to do it from persuasive skill.

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