How to learn the language of the mind

NLP and Spirituality are not normally associated in most people’s minds.

For most people NLP is all about the Mind and NLP Practitioner too often thought of as being stuck in the mind.

While this is often true, the same is true for the majority of people. The reality is that most people are the slaves of their mind.

Spirituality is about understanding our true state of being as spiritual beings having a human experience. To reach this understanding we must transcend the mind. We must go beyond the illusions created by the mind and reunite with our spiritual essence.

This spiritual reconnection is the goal of all true spiritual paths.

Too often, however, the means to achieving the outcome has become an end in itself.

While this is true for NLP, and some may argue it was never designed for spiritual purposes, it is just as true for many meditators, yoga practitioners, energy healers and church goers.

Too often we get caught up in the journey. We get side tracked by the attractions along the way and we forget the purpose of our journey.

NLP trainers training is about learning the language of the Mind. While this is extremely useful and is able to transform every area of your life, it should not be the final goal.

Understanding and leveraging your mind, especially the vast resources of your unconscious mind is absolutely life changing. No doubt about it.

When we align our unconscious mind with our conscious desires our journey accelerates at an unbelievable pace.

This is the Law of Attraction in action. Vibrational alignment is the key and without aligning the vast beliefs, thoughts and vibrations at the unconscious (invisible) level, our journey is doomed from the start.

The temptation and the pitfall is that we fall in love with our new powers and get further enslaved by our mind.

This happens to many practitioners of all disciplines. Meditation becomes an end in itself, yoga becomes an end in itself, we fall in love with our ability to transform energy and the list goes on.

If we are lucky we will avoid being ensnared by our mind and will reconnect at a much deeper level with our spiritual essence.

It is when this happens that we can truly enjoy all of the benefits of NLP (or meditation, or yoga, or energy healing) knowing our actions are guided not by our mind but by our Spirit.

NLP is not normally associated with spirituality yet if properly utilized it is and amazingly powerful tool to accelerate our spiritual journey. Understanding the language of your mind will benefit you no matter what your chosen path may be.

Too many people ignore their mind and live under the illusion that they have conquered their mind. They think they are guided by their heart but in reality they are just as enslaved by their mind as the vast majority of people.

Your life is a mirror. It reflects your vibratory state. Not just the small portion that you are conscious off but the entirety of your being.

If your life is not the way you want it to be, don’t blame the mirror but use the mirror to help you see what you have not been aware of about yourself.

Blessings on your spiritual journey.

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