The Top 3 Secrets to Anti-Aging

A multi-million dollar industry in our society today deals with anti-aging, looking younger, feeling younger, and staying young – but there is very good reason behind it. We live in a generation that is ever-aging and is one of the biggest generations so far, so it is only natural that most of the earth’s population does not want to grow old. Because of this, a lot of anti-aging products have taken the market by storm. And because of this, it is important not to fall for unnecessary products that are available in the market designed to play with the emotions of the people who wish to look younger.

Here are the top secrets to anti-aging that you will never hear from anyone else:

Secret #1: Eat.
Yes, eat. Feed your body with food and you will find it much easier to stay young. With that said, it is important to only eat food that is healthy. Filling your body with junk is a surefire way to help further the aging process, but so is not eating at all. Skip means and you will grow older faster. The body knows what it needs, so listen to it and eat.

Secret Tip #2: Move.
You will not get any younger by sitting on the couch and watching television. Get up and move. Find a couple of activities that you enjoy doing, like walking, running, riding a biking, weight training, getting on a pogo stick… whatever floats your boat. By constantly moving, your body will perpetually stay young and since you will be stretching your muscles, you will be kept limber at the same time.

Secret Tip #3: Have Fun.

Secret Tip #2 mentions finding activities that you enjoy doing. That is probably the main point and the ultimate secret of this whole article: finding out what you enjoy and have fun. But remember to do this in a healthy way. Granted, you may enjoy drinking alcohol, but that clearly won’t help you stay young, will it? In fact, if you are quite old already and are a heavy drinker, then you may not even enjoy your age anymore. The main key of anti-aging is to treat you body right but to remember to have fun while doing so.

Enjoy life. Stay young in all aspects of life – emotionally, mentally, and physically – and you will be able to see a kind of anti-aging process that you are sure to be satisfied with and happy about. This will also give you the momentum and motivation you need to keep living the lifestyle of anti-aging.

How to produce Elastin to look younger

It’s possible to restore collagen and elastin fibres to look young with the help of creams when they are topically applied to the facial skin.

Collagen and elastin fibres are situated beneath the external five layers of the epidermis; they are located in the dermis layer, between the subcutaneous tissue and the basal layer of the epidermis. So, apparently, if a cream not capable to penetrate up to that level, then restoring of collagen and elastin fibres is not possible.

Sorrowfully, the elastin and collagen proteins are not able to be addicted to the skin. The solution we have is to stimulate the production of new cells and hence to increase the total of pro-collagen and pro-elastin molecules that are formed by these cells. This can be accomplished by good diet. Your diet arranges a difference, since to create cells and fibres of the body needs amino acids, from protein.
Vitamin C is needed as a co-factor to create collagen. For skin’s health, vitamins A and E are required, and also the minerals like potassium, calcium and sodium are required. The Vitamin B-complex is also imperative.

When you are exposed to ultraviolet rays from the sun, your levels of Coenzyme Q10 are decreased. The elements of Coenzyme Q10 act as an antioxidant that is here in every one cell of the body. And in most cases COQ10 creams can not penetrate in skin. However some creams are prepared using nanotechnology for restoring the elastin, and contains a COQ10 emulsion having penetrating capacity. The molecules of coenzyme Q10 are too large and only the Nanotechnology enables scientists to “shrink” them, so that they can pierce down into the dermis layer.

Free radicals damage and break elastin and collagen fibres. So to neutralize free radicals nano-emulsions of CoQ10 are used.

Now you are aware that elastin cannot be absorbed in skin, so you will avoid collagen-elastin creams. NanoLipoBelle HEQ10 is good one to use. NanoLipoBelle HEQ10 is the proprietary name of a nano-emulsion that contains COQ10 and vitamin E.

Wakame kelp extracts are best for skin care. Except vitamin C, they have all the vitamins and minerals advised in above discussion. A night cream which contains avocado oil can supply that nutritious substance, plus necessary fatty acids. All of the creams that you would like to use should contain Synergy TK to restore elastin. It has the tendency to enhance the production of new cells.

Elegant and Sensible Way to avoid extrinsic aging

Normally from the age of mid twenties, this is the time in an individual’s life when Intrinsic aging takes place. It is a continuous process of getting older. From this age, our brain, and body starts to become aged. And the result of this process is predominantly noticeable on our skin, which is the largest limb of our body. No need to fear about the changes due to intrinsic aging. Usually external signs of intrinsic aging are not observable for decades.

Here are some of initial signs of intrinsic aging process.
• Skin becomes dry and may cause an itchy feeling.
• You fail to adequately cool the skin.
• Colour of hair may change and hair loss starts.
• Loss of fat in body, which may lead to hollowed cheeks and eye sockets.
• Small wrinkles on skin are appeared.
• Bones may shrink away from the skin, which causes flabby skin.

Our genes are responsible for how rapidly or leisurely the aging process begins. In some people hairs become grey in their twenties, others may not show until their 40s.

At the age of thirties skin cell reproduction begins to slow down. The normal creation of collagen and elastin becomes slow. As a result lines and wrinkles are appeared.

Intrinsic aging from the age of mid twenties is a normal phenomenon. However, if some one feels the signs of aging skin excessively before time in life and want to do somewhat about the untimely aging of his skin, then he may have to take extra care. You may be facing extrinsic aging problem. It happens due to wrong lifestyle. Excessive exposure to sunlight, alcohol and smoking, being stressed out, less sleep and the incorrect diet are the basic reasons.

Pollution free environment, healthy lifestyles and healthy foods can stay free radicals within our bodies at likely levels but unluckily that is far from realism. Free radicals are complex chemical processes that affect various systems of body and support mechanisms to keep our skin looking healthy and glowing.
Our skin restrains a number of antioxidants for scavenging the free radicals. If we add any unevenness to antioxidants, we only encourage the rouge elements that will increase aging process. The natural aging process is in fact extremely fine and requests no aid from us.

A good life style is necessary to avoid extrinsic aging. If you have wrong life style, then creams can’t help.

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